Gamedev in progress

Games I am currently developing!!

  • Larrikins Wreck: The Braindom -  The Larrikins: Wreck the Braindom is an outrageous new 2D RPG game that is still a diamond in the rough. The game has its own lore which is a spin on a range of common RPG tropes as well as everyday life. You will meet characters that are hilarious, dark, vicious, dim or a combination of all that! The game will be a joyous hilarity with morbid overtones dependent on choice and consequence in driving the story towards its sweetful bitter never-final conclusions!! Artwork for Mihai the main character was done by  @Jess_Andz. We want you to enjoy the game as much as we are enjoying making it! Thank you so much for your interest! 

  • Alpha Eaters - Educational game for phonics and alphabet learning!

  • Virtual Validation - More info coming soon!

  • Uh oh, I pooped! - Try to find a toilet, before... uh oh, you pooped

Meet Mihai! The Larrikin that put Larrikin in Larrikins