My Gamer Profile

Games I enjoy playing

I love playing almost every kind of game. From RPG, MMORPG to FPS. I am hugely into Indie Games, because I am an Indie Developer myself. You will find me playing with my friends most of the time. Right now I am hooked on Borderlands 3!!

About Me

I started gaming when I was very young. I have over 35 years of gaming experience.. (yes I am showing my age). When I hit my late thirties I decided to start making my own games, and got my degree in Software Development. Now I am working on making a couple of games RIGHT NOW!

Other things I do

There are quite a few things I am doing while I am working on developing my own games, here are just a few!

  • I'm currently the Merchandise "Merch" Manager for Drunk Robot Games!

Bringing the GameDEV to You

I will be posting updates for the games I am working on.


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